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Timber, Sash, uPVC And Aluminium Window Locks In Otley

The better they are designed, the harder it is for would-be intruders to enter a property. The same popularity can be said for the aluminium window locks Otley is now enjoying.

Our door locks are innovatively designed using advanced security techniques to produce various ranges of door locks. These locks are relatively easy to operate and more effective. Most importantly our locks are easy to use and secured.

Foremost Aluminium Window Locks In Otley Come To Aluminium Windows Leeds

  • U-rail face plate
  • Offset gearbox
  • Can be used with a locking handle
  • Obtainable in numerous lengths and dimensions

Otley Aluminium Window Locks

We have variations of locks suitable for aluminium windows. Examples are: Window espagnolette bars: For aluminium windows, we have many different lengths. U-Rail espag bars: These are outlined only for aluminium windows.

You've a choice from a wide selection of high quality window locks to match uPVC, aluminium, sash and timber windows for your property. These locks have more than one purpose so they are appropriate for all kinds of windows.

Available in a range of measurements. We have it in multiple lengths and measurements. Otley Wonderful Aluminium Window Locks Replacement

Shoot Bolt Extensions

Casement Window Locks Otley. For metal and wooden casement windows we offer different locksThis lock is unique for its multiple bolt feature that come in different measurements.

This lock is unique for its multiple bolt feature that come in different measurements. This lock can be used for either front mounted or side mounted locking design. Sash Window Security Locks Otley.

Sliding sash windows stop-lock: These restrictors are suitable for keeping your sash windows fully shut. However, you get the flexibility to use the same locks in opening the window as well. Our products have passed the BS 6375 (Part 2 1987) and BS 8213-1: 2004 conformity tests.

Before making the final decision about these three types of locks they should be affirmed by insurance company. They must have passed through the required BS3621 British standard lock. Offer convenience and security.

They are quick and simple to fit and they come with the screw needed to complete the job. BLANK Outstanding Aluminium Window Locks In Otley

Interior Door Lock And Latches

Mostly used on kitchen doors, bathroom doors , living room and bedroom doors. These ranges offer little or no security. But we have collections of easily shutting without locking with a key.Mechanical Door Locks.

You will have a long-lasting, dependable and effectively safe lock technology with if you go with top standard mechanical door locks from our firm. Automatic door locking systems These automatic multi-locking systems feature two solid hooks with automatic grip to prevent the door from excessive opening.

The tight seal provides good security without being difficult to install. Aluminium Window Locks By Aluminium Windows Leeds Remote-Controlled Door Locks.

Transform Your Highbrow Building Into A Sensational Living Quarters With Battery Operated Door Locks For Safety Precautions During Power Failure

These motorised systems have been designed with modern technology for your convenience. This normally features voice activation, biometric scans or the simple push button.Our patio door locks have been designed to provide the extra security.

Multi-bolt patio door locks: These locks are all purpose. Are you in need of tips and advices on the best way to quantify the span of the lock you wish to supplant? Sign into our site to peruse our professionally crated stuffs or talk with an expert. We have office and showroom in Otley. Do you wish to supplant existing or harmed locks with modern ones?.

You can also call to speak with our experts. A huge number of catalos of the various collections of the design of windows and door locks are available at our stores for your viewing pleasure.

Require a replacement? Don't wait anymore and let us begin now with our work by contacting us at Aluminium Windows Leeds. Call Today for a Free Quote from Aluminium Windows Leeds